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Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

There are multiple benefits for using vinyl instead of wood or metal. Read on to learn the many advantages of vinyl fencing.

1. No rot, no rust

Watering your lawn won’t stain your fence, and the posts won’t rot in their post holes and eventually break off, as wood posts do. Vinyl also won’t rust like wrought iron or chain-link posts.

2. Low maintenance

One vinyl fencing pro is that vinyl requires very little maintenance. You don’t need to paint it to keep it protected, and you don’t need to apply chemicals to deter termites and other pests.

3. Easy to clean

Vinyl cleans with soap and water, and if you have some mildew, add a little bleach.

4. Durable

Vinyl fences stand strong. They won't rot, blister, or allow the growth of fungus, and you won't have to worry about them splitting or cracking due to weather or old age. Plus, vinyl fences are resistant to fire and impenetrable to pests. Vinyl fencing works well for areas with heavy wind, storms, or other rough weather.

5. Easy to install

Vinyl fences are installed much like wood fences. Once the post-holes are dug, and the posts are secured in the holes, the rails are inserted in the fence, followed by the pickets. If you want a fence with panels, they are also easy to install.

6. Privacy

With the option of 6-8 foot high panels and a variety of choices for spacing between slats, panel fences are great for privacy, or to enclose dumpsters or heavy equipment.

7. Attractive

Vinyl comes in many different styles and can be made to mimic wood or to look like a white picket fence. It can even be curved like wrought iron or formed in other attractive shapes.

8. Eco-friendly

Vinyl fencing is strong, durable, green fence material. It's non-toxic and no harmfulness to the air or water. With a vinyl fence, you reduce the use of wood and plastic that otherwise ends up in landfills.

9. Comes with a long warranty

Due to its strength, flexibility, and longevity, vinyl fencing comes with a long warranty. Choose a reputable dealer who offers a good warranty and enjoy the beauty, strength, and durability of vinyl fencing for a lifetime.

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